There was one man. He had lived, eaten, chocked and once died. However, that man wasn’t easy. He left a beautiful wife after his death, much money and a power…All of this had happened, for example, in Vinnytsia…  His widow had two brothers – the priest and the cop. Both of them had represented an old generation. They had envied their sister and decided to bring out her savings and eventually the wealth…

Sex, blood, love, treachery, meanness, cruelty, hypocrisy, murders – that is only a small part of what you are going to observe during this daring performance. When you see it, you won’t believe your eyes; you’ll listen to and won’t believe your ears; you won’t prefer to get out and you won’t distract from a plot. It’ll be difficult to confide. And it would hard to believe that it might happen in the theatre. But, it’s all possible here, in THE WILD THEATRE!

Sarcastic performance-trash from Maxim Holenko – is the lump of the bared theatrical nerves, unpredictable plot and the searching an answer on such question as “How far could the wealth willingness lead the person?”

The performance viewing is 18 + years old recommended

Some of sex, smoking, violence and curse scenes are observed in the performance.

Duration – 140 min

Author – Victor Ponizov

Based on John Webster’s play “The Duchess of Malfi”

Director – Maxim Golenko

Set designer – Fedir Alexandrovich

Costume designer – Daniila Kolot

Composer – Dmytro Danov


Oleg Primogenov – Danylo

Andriy Kronglevsky – Fedir

Oxana Borbat – Amalia

Oleksiy Zhmurko – Metropolitan

Eugeny Kovalchuk – Denis

Olena Yavorska – Karina

Dmytro Vovchuk – Anton

Lyudmila Ruslanova – Mihaylina

Vladimir Kravchuk – Kostik

Dmytro Oliynyk – Sylvester

Julia Gapchuk – Angela

THE WILD THEATRE – an independent theatre, created as an alternative to classical state theatres. We show impudent, provocative and, main thing, – live theatre.